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A local mom came up with this idea. She gets 10,000 bucks if her idea is number one. She says she'll use that money towards the parenting center and perhaps with that investment others in our city will start pitching in too. I know several parents in Portland who are struggling and could really use a resource like this.
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what's better than topless dykes?

naked bicyclists!

tomorrow night is the nude bike ride!!!! 606 se madison. it starts at midnight. riding through downtown in your skivvys or less sounds like lotsa fun. i will be at least topless. rinoa will be with me.... wearing clothes in the child seat. maybe she can wear her snow white costume. fun huh?

want to join me oh you burgeoning nude veloculturists you?

le tigre said dykemarch.

sat june 16 at 7 pm. ive always wanted to do this, as this is the only event in portland where it's socially acceptable to go topless out of doors. i don't know if i'll go topless but i will think of some kind of crazy costume that involves my daughters stroller or maybe my bike with child seat. want to come with me? no rules, just show up on nw 9th and davis, and march around with lots of other progressive grrls.

new here

hi my name is sprout and  i am moving to portland in july with a baby cooking. im due in september.  this is my second kid our first passed away last year from an incurable  heart defect.  were hoping portland will be more baby friendly and haev more punk parents than baltimore.  any tips?  great places etc??

new here

hi my name is jen, i have a 3 year old daughter and live in the outer reaches of east portland. i am studying midwifery and want to specialize in empowering low income families in home birth.

i saw this group and got really excited! a parents group... for punks!! how cool. so do you guys meet up? do you want to? i would be happy to host a family potluck for anyone in this group from pdx! write back if you're interested!

ok so im going to pimp my group as well:

great to find this group!

First Posting and a Question

My daughter, Jezebel, and I recently went to Denver to visit her mother. We
ran around and took lots of pictures, all of which her mother has right now.
As soon as I get copies, I'll post some of those. These are a couple of pictures
after we arrived home. We're doing the best jetlag personifications we can.

Does anyone else have an absolutely awful time going through security with a kid?
Any suggestions on how to make things easier? I put both of us in easy outfits to go
through the screening, but it always feels like this horribly invasive experience
made up of one part juggling act, one part strip tease.
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