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new here [Jun. 1st, 2007|10:16 pm]
Punk Parents On LJ
hi my name is sprout and  i am moving to portland in july with a baby cooking. im due in september.  this is my second kid our first passed away last year from an incurable  heart defect.  were hoping portland will be more baby friendly and haev more punk parents than baltimore.  any tips?  great places etc??

From: jenbeckpdx
2007-06-06 09:00 am (UTC)
yeah portland is really great for families. i have found that there is a great subculture of "crunchy" parents, and actually the normal ones are a bit crunchy too. attachment parenting and extended lactation are the norm here. in fact there are more home births in the portland metro area, than anywhere else in the states. also we're one of the safest large cities in the nation. i am studying to be a midwife and doula specializing in home births and i intend to stay in portland because the market is so great. also, i live in the city and have wilderness with fir trees, waterfalls, ferns, majestic cliffs, bears, and elk only 10 miles from my house. we have the cleanest metropolitan drinking water in the u.s. and are the last city to refuse to flouridate our water. there are lots of good hangouts and groups for rocking moms in pdx. also lots of community organizations that help low income families with food, housing stability, energy assistance, clothes, etc. someone in portland (even the homeless) can't go hungry. it's got such a great infrastructure. seriously check it out.
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From: jenbeckpdx
2007-08-25 06:08 am (UTC)
hi, did you end up moving to portland? if so we should hang out!
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From: (Anonymous)
2007-08-25 01:25 pm (UTC)
we had to wait until babe was born, i was put on bed rest waaa! but our house is there and waiting or us so hopefully baby come ssoon!
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